Are Roller Shutters Installed On The Inside?

Are Roller Shutters Installed On The Inside?

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Roller shutters are becoming an increasingly popular window shade solution in Australia due to their durability and ease of control. Installing roller shutters to your home can bring many benefits including privacy, protection for your windows, insulation for both a warmer house in winter and a cooler house in summer, all while maintaining the street appeal of your home. 

One of the most common enquiries we get at QLD Roller Shutters is whether roller shutters are installed on the inside or the outside of your windows. While our window roller shutters are installed externally, this does not mean that there aren’t other uses for indoor roller shutters.

How Are Window Roller Shutters Installed?

Window roller shutters are installed externally on your windows in one of two ways – either flush with the wall so that the box and the shutter cover the entire frame of the window, or within the window reveal so that box and the edge of the shutter sit within the frame of the window. When installed within the window reveal, the window frame appears to frame the roller shutter also, making this type of installation a popular option for the most subtle looking window roller shutters.

How Are Roller Shutters Controlled?

Some basic roller shutters are manually operated meaning that you need to roll them up or down by going outside with a crank. At QLD Roller shutters, all of our roller shutters are controlled with quiet electric motors so that you can quickly and easily open and close your roller shutters from the internal comfort of your home using our stylish electronic wall mounted control panel, or a remote control. Even in a power outage, with our manual override control system option, you can quickly open or close your roller shutters. 

Can Roller Shutters Be Installed Indoors? 

While window shutters are installed externally to your windows rather than internally, you may be surprised to learn that indoor roller shutters are a great option for many internal applications. An internal roller shutter is a great option for internal storage spaces where a standard door may not be able to fit due to space restrictions or where there is an abnormal opening height. Commonly, an internal roller shutter is used in open carports to provide a secure area to store goods and protect them from the elements while keeping them secure. Perhaps there is a storage nook within your house that you would like to hide? Indoor roller shutters are a great option to hide unsightly storage nooks, and with a wide range of colours available, an internal roller shutter can be matched to your interior colour scheme for a subtle yet stylish storage solution.

Indoor Roller shutters

Another indoor roller shutter application is for a roller shutter kitchen nook. Create a hidden appliance nook for your coffee machine, toaster, kettle, air fryer, or any other appliance, and when the area is not in use, roll down your kitchen roller shutter for a tidy kitchen area, leaving more space on your bench.  

As more and more people work from home, internal roller shutters are also popular to conceal study nooks in a hallway, living area or dining room.

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Whether you choose roller shutters for your windows,  indoor roller shutters for storage spaces or a roller shutter kitchen nook, at QLD Roller Shutters, we have ensured that our range of roller shutters have been designed to match all types of home styles. Our shutters are ready to be custom built from our Brisbane workshop to suit your home and to meet your exact requirements. Contact us today to get a quick quote for any roller shutter solution for your home. 

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