Can I Secure My Windows With External Shutters?

Can I Secure My Windows With External Shutters?

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Security for your family in your own home is fundamental. Installing external shutters on your windows and sliding doors can provide you with some extra peace of mind to ensure you feel safe and secure in your home. If you are looking for added security for your property, Queensland Roller Shutters provide exterior shutters as the perfect solution for security, while maintaining the street appeal of your property.

Security screens or films may add a level of protection to your windows, but nothing compares to the uncompromised security of external window shutters. A security screen may slow down an intruder when attempting to enter through a window, and may have some affect if you have a security cameras and/or alarm systems installed, giving you time to act upon an attempted break in. However, these systems can be expensive, and the screen and glass are still penetrable.  

Security film is another alternative that may be considered, given that it is a cheap option for window security. However, you get what you pay for when it comes to security. A security film is often only applied to one side of the glass, making it easy to still break the glass and enter a property.

As such, the best way to secure your home is with external security roller shutters. Even the look of exterior shutters can be a deterrent for prospective intruders. It is important to consider quality of the external roller shutter material and components to ensure the highest level of security is achieved.

External Shutters for Windows

Queensland Roller Shutters external window shutters are made using a unique high grade aluminium, and are powder coated with the most robust powder coating available on the market. Each slat is reinforced with a twin skin, and filled with a high density foam. Our roller shutters can be made up to 12 square meters and 5 meters wide without compromising the security of the shutter. Available in a wide range of colours, we can customise our roller shutters styles to suit your home.

External Shutters in a range of colours and styles to suit your home.

In addition to this robust material, our shutters are installed with a unique locking system, and our electric motors can be manually overridden in the event of a power outage to your property.

Along with the other benefits of external roller shutters including privacy, energy efficiency, reduced external noise, blocking out light, and protection from the weather, exterior roller shutters provide the highest level of security you can get for your home, giving you peace of mind that your property will be protected from unwanted intruders. 

Achieve peace of mind and a high sense of security in your property with exterior roller shutters to secure your windows. QLD Roller Shutters also offer the option to purchase your external shutters and pay them off in convenient fortnightly installments. Find out more about our payment plan options here.

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