Five Ways Roller Shutters Can Help Your Business

Five Ways Roller Shutters Can Help Your Business

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Installing roller shutters offers a range of benefits for businesses. From providing a key security solution to offering a professional look when businesses are closed, roller shutters are user-friendly and durable. Many businesses view roller shutters as a crucial component of a high-quality security system. Considering the key role of a roller shutter in improving a business premise’s security, choosing a high-quality option represents a key investment.

With design options available for shop fronts, garage doors, kitchen roller doors and a large number of other contexts, these benefits are available to a wide variety of businesses. Choosing the right specification security roller shutters to meet the security needs of your business premises is crucial. Some custom features include integrated slats to allow natural light in, manual override functions and various options for electric control.

Read more below for some further information on the main ways that a roller shield can benefit your business.

Roller Shutter Door Security

Aluminium roller shutters provide undeniable security benefits from a range of standpoints. In providing a clear deterrent, roller shutters help to protect valuable stock. Double-skin metal slats provide additional protection, whilst an extruded design maximises the structural strength of the material. Choosing a high-density option also helps to improve security outcomes. The noise generated in attempting to break through a roller shutter would draw significant attention, in addition to setting off in-store alarms.

Concealed fixings are also a key design feature that provides an additional deterrent alongside an industry-standard locking system. These improved security outcomes are also bolstered by the visual barrier a roller shutter presents to in-store items. With high-quality materials and expert installation, you can maximise your business’s roller shutter door security.


If expensive items are displayed in the window of a business, they can become a target for thieves. Some businesses may even need to spend time each day removing items from a window display before closing the business. Installing a security roller shutter saves time and improves efficiency by providing a secure barrier between the high street and a business’s inventory outside of opening hours.

In the long term, this can lead to significant savings. Additionally, it can provide confidence for a business to invest in seasonal or promotional window displays. In some cases, businesses may decide against additional displays without adequate security as it presents a risk. With secure, professionally installed roller shutters included as part of a high-quality security system, this increases confidence for businesses to stock, display and promote high-value inventory.

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There is a wide range of aesthetic benefits to installing roller shutters for your business, in addition to the roller shutter door security provided. With a wide range of colour and design options available, it is possible to choose a roller shutter that closely matches the design requirements of your business. A powder-coated aluminium door is a sturdy, reliable option that will retain its finish in the long term. It is also possible to choose a colour option that fits your business’s aesthetic.

Can A Commercial Roller Shutter Improve Insulation?

Another benefit offered by commercial roller shutters is improved insulation. For offices and residential properties, closing roller shutters can help to maximise energy usage. In other instances, it might be necessary to allow natural light in. In this case, it is possible to choose an option with perspex slats integrated into the design. Integrating perspex slats into part of a standard sheet curtain provides an option with more structural integrity than a roller shutter in which all the slats are perspex whilst still allowing natural light.

Ease of Use

As a high-quality, cost-effective security solution, roller shutters are low maintenance and user-friendly. Once installed, roller shutters can be operated by simply pushing a button on a control panel or remote control. In the event of a power outage, a manual override feature provides a crucial contingency option. When choosing a rollashield for your business, factors such as energy efficiency and low-noise motors can make a real difference. At QLD Roller Shutters, our installations can be battery-powered, allowing for solar power integration.

Which Businesses Can Benefit From Roller Shutters?

For some businesses, it might not be clear whether it is viable to install roller shutters due to the non-standard sizing of an opening. Experienced roller shutter contractors can take a proven design and modify the sizing whilst ensuring that the security, structural and functional quality is retained. Reading testimonials from businesses with similar requirements can help outline the full range of benefits provided to similar businesses by installing roller shutters.

In addition to security benefits, shutters can protect business premises from the elements. This can be useful in a wide range of contexts. For example, where restaurants have covered outdoor dining areas, installing roller shutters can prevent damage from wind or rain outside business hours. It can also be beneficial from an efficiency standpoint as it removes the need to clear the dining area at the close of business each day.

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