Steel Roller Shutters vs Aluminium Roller Shutters

Steel Roller Shutters vs Aluminium Roller Shutters

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When choosing exterior aluminium shutters for your business, there are a number of key factors to consider. One of the most important factors in any roller shutter installation is the quality of materials used. The two most popular materials in high-quality roller shutter installations are steel and aluminium. Both have benefits and clear advantages in different settings. However, there is a wide range of factors contributing to aluminium’s increasing popularity as the material of choice for high-quality roller shutter installations.

One of the main advantages of aluminium as a material for exterior aluminium shutters is its high strength-to-weight ratio. This reduces the strain on motors and improves energy efficiency. There are also environmental benefits. Aluminium is 100% recyclable making it a sustainable choice for roller shutter installations. If your property has solar panels installed, battery installation can be included, integrating an innovative, energy-efficient roller shutter design into your solar power system.

Read more for some further information on the key factors to consider when choosing between steel roller shutters and aluminium roller shutters.

Why Are Exterior Aluminium Shutters So Popular?

There is a wide range of reasons why aluminium is such a popular material with applications in commercial and domestic contexts. Stainless steel is almost three times heavier than aluminium which is one of the reasons why aluminium is so popular in industry. Aside from the wide range of design benefits, aluminium is also popular as a sustainable material. As it is 100% recyclable, it can be repurposed once it has reached the end of its use in your installation. 

Why Is The Design As Important As The Material?

Whether steel or aluminium is used, it is crucial that the steel curtain design optimises the strength of the material. There are a number of innovative design steps that can be taken to ensure the best security outcomes. At QLD Roller Shutters, our extruded slats provide an option that is significantly stronger than the industry standard. The extruded slats are reinforced with a double-skin design with high-density options available. This approach optimises security outcomes without compromising functionality or appearance.


In addition to security benefits, another key benefit offered by metal roller shutters is improved insulation. One Disadvantage of steel is that it is a heat conductor and can become very hot. Aluminium reflects heat more than steel, meaning it will not get as hot when exposed to direct sunlight. This can be beneficial from an energy-efficiency standpoint as it can help a building remain cool.


The hard-wearing durability offered by aluminium makes it a natural choice for high-quality security shutters. At QLD Roller Shutters, our roller doors are finished with a powder coating to prevent rust and ensure a long-lasting professional finish. This durability reduces maintenance costs and offers another reason why an aluminium roller shutter represents a good long-term security investment for both commercial and residential properties.

Steel is equally durable, although it is substantially heavier than aluminium. This can be beneficial in some industrial contexts. However, the lightweight properties of exterior aluminium shutters mean that it reduces the strain on active components and can often lend themselves to more sleek, compact designs. 

What Is The Difference Between Steel And Aluminium Roller Shutters?

Aluminium and steel roller shutters can both offer high-quality security outcomes. Steel security shutters are often favoured in industrial settings where there is no aesthetic component. This is because steel can be used in more heavy-duty designs. However, well-designed aluminium shutters can also provide equally high-quality security outcomes. Aluminium roller shutters are typically favoured in settings where it is important to implement the installation with a sleek, modern finish whilst still securing a business premises.

Additionally, as aluminium is significantly lighter than steel, there is less strain on the motor and reduced maintenance requirements. In most residential properties as well as high street businesses, aluminium roller shutters are increasingly favoured for these reasons. Aluminium is rust-resistant and the aluminium shutter’s exterior can be maintained through the application of a powder coating prior to installation.

Where Can Roller Shutters Be Installed?

There is a wide range of applications for roller shutters. In residential properties, roller shutters are frequently installed to secure windows and improve outdoor living spaces. In commercial contexts, roller shutters are frequently installed on shop fronts, serving windows and other entrances. In both commercial and domestic contexts, it is important that a roller shutter design optimises both function and form. Components such as concealed fixings, powder coatings and compact drums all contribute to the professional look of an installation.

Whether external aluminium louvres or steel roller shutters suit your security needs, it is important that the roller shutters are designed and installed by experienced professionals. There is often a range of customisable options that can be selected to optimise the installation for the setting, and discussing your requirements with an experienced company can be helpful in understanding this. These could vary from perspex slats to manual override options and control panel installation. Looking through a company’s online gallery and testimonials is often useful in understanding the best roller shutter design options to benefit your home or business.

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