Where Is The Best Place To Install an Internal Roller Shutter?

Where Is The Best Place To Install an Internal Roller Shutter?

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While roller shutters provide numerous benefits when installed externally on windows, an internal roller shutter is also a popular option for security and to hide certain areas inside your house or commercial property. Indoor roller shutters can be particularly beneficial  where there is limited head height, or no room to fit conventional doors.

Roller Shutters in Kitchens

Internal roller shutters are often used to secure a servery bench area. Whether it’s a commercial kitchen, at a sports club, or even in your own entertaining area, an internal roller shutter is a great option to close a serving window, while also allowing it to be completely opened up without any space being taken up by window frames or bifold doors. When it’s time to close up, you can simply close the indoor roller shutter with peace of mind knowing the property security is not compromised. 

internal roller shutter for kitchen

In a kitchen, a roller shutter can be used to hide a storage space for small appliances such as toasters, kettles and microwaves. A kitchen roller shutter allows the items to be quickly and easily accessed, and just as easily put away with the simple opening and closing of a roller shutter door. You can even create your own tea and coffee bar in the wall, with a neat internal roller shutter installed to hide the area when it is not in use. 

internal roller shutter for serving area

Roller Shutters for Storage Spaces

Particularly in apartments, townhouses or smaller properties, space for opening doors is limited, and storage spaces can become an eyesore. Internal roller shutters can be a great solution to hide storage spaces such as pantries, laundries or storage nooks while maintaining the functionality of the space.

internal roller shutter for storage area

An internal roller shutter can be the perfect solution to storage within an open carport. With our durable aluminium shutters, your items will be safely secured behind a roller shutter door, which can be customised to fit any space. Our unique locking system provides extra peace of mind, so you can rest assured that your carport storage items will be protected. 

At Queensland Roller Shutters, we can completely customise our aluminium internal roller shutters to suit any property internally or externally. Maintain the functionality of your storage space while allowing it to be easily hidden from view. If you have an awkward interior space you want to hide, an internal roller shutter could be the perfect solution for you.

Check out our gallery to see how internal roller shutters have been used as a solution for our customers, and contact us today to get your internal roller shutter.

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