Which Material Is Best For Roller Shutters?

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There are many different options for materials that can be used to manufacture high-quality exterior aluminium shutters. Although roller shutters can be manufactured using polycarbonate or wood, aluminium and steel designs are the most popular options. There are several reasons why metal roller shutters are favoured in both commercial and residential contexts. From a practical standpoint, both aluminium and steel offer a low-maintenance design option for security roller shutters. Visually, metal roller shutters also contribute to a modern, professional look for a property.

The specific benefits of steel or aluminium roller shutters vary depending on your property’s security and design requirements. Galvanised steel is typically viewed as the most heavy-duty option, whereas extruded aluminium shutters can offer a more sleek, integrated design outcome. The main reason why aluminium shutters provide the best option from this standpoint is the high strength-to-weight ratio of the material. This removes the need for bulky designs while providing a low-maintenance security solution. Double-skin extruded aluminium shutters are often the most versatile design option in both commercial and residential contexts for this reason.

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Choosing Between Aluminium And Steel

The best material for metal roller shutters will depend on your building’s security and design needs. Steel roller shutters are often favoured in industrial contexts where visual design is not a priority. In many commercial and residential contexts, aluminium shutters are often favoured with innovative designs to maximise the strength and durability of the material. Double-skin extruded aluminium shutters provide a shutter strength that is significantly stronger than the industry standard whilst still easily fitting into a compact, well-integrated top drum.

The lighter weight of aluminium roller shutters also reduces the strain on a motor leading to less noise which is important in busy commercial and residential contexts. This reduced strain can also decrease maintenance requirements in the long term. The wide range of benefits available to manufacturers in using aluminium all helps explain why it is such a popular material, from external aluminium louvres to double-glazing window frames. Aluminium roller shutters are characterised by a modern, stylish look, offering proven security and insulation benefits for properties. Combined with excellent sustainability credentials, many homeowners favour aluminium over bulkier materials.

Is Aluminium Durable?

One of the main reasons why aluminium is so popular amongst manufacturers is its durability. With a high strength-to-weight ratio, it provides one of the best options for designs that require structural integrity whilst still providing a professional, sleek and compact finish. In addition to the materials used, another key component contributing to the durability of an aluminium roller shutter is the design and build quality. Extruded aluminium designs strengthen the sheet curtain with a double-skin design offering further reinforcement to this component.

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Is Aluminium A Better Material In Warmer Climates?

In addition to these design benefits, aluminium is often favoured in warmer climates. There is a range of reasons for this. One of the main reasons is the insulating properties offered by the material. Aluminium reflects heat, and aluminium roller shutters have been shown to reduce heat in buildings by up to 90%. Opting for shutters that are painted white will help to maximise these benefits, enhancing the heat-reflective properties of aluminium. At QLD Roller Shutters, we apply a powder coating to all our installations reducing the risk of rust on the aluminium shutters’ exterior finish.

Aluminium also ranks favourably compared to alternative materials when exposed to harsh weather conditions. Factoring in sun damage is a key consideration when choosing a material for metal roller shutters. Aluminium’s reflective properties help to dissipate heat and avert sun damage. Additionally, the durability of aluminium means that it will retain a high-quality finish even when exposed to wind and rain. These benefits are all available with a professional, sleek finish when you choose QLD Roller Shutters for your installation.


Another key reason why aluminium is such a popular choice is its sustainability credentials. As a completely recyclable material, aluminium will also help reduce energy consumption and carbon footprint by providing improved insulation. As aluminium retains its key properties after recycling, many businesses and manufacturers focusing on sustainability favour the material for a wide range of installations. The durability of aluminium also means that there is a reduced need to replace and repair components when compared to installations using alternative materials.

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