The tracking system by Slidetrack is a patented extrusion, engineered to restrain outdoor blind skins with welded splines. The unique channel shape was designed specifically to encompass and guide the spline within a secure channel. These tracks offer not only strength and durability, they also provide an attractive finish by concealing the spline within the channel and hiding the weld from view when installed. These tracks can be used with a range of guide and boxing options to suit a huge variety of shading applications.

  • Fully Restrained in Tracks
  • Sun Protection and Shading
  • Breeze Control
  • Privacy
  • Consistent Built Quality
  • Variety of Design Options
  • Wide Range of Colour Choices
  • 85%, 94%, 99% Block Out Fabrics
  • Clear and Tinted PVC
  • Design & Patent Protected
85%, 94%, 99% Block Out Fabrics
Round and Square Head Box Options