A Deck or Patio Roller Shutter will provide benefits such as security and privacy. If you install Roller Shutters on

If you install Roller Shutters on your Deck or Patio you will also have the added benefit of controlling heat, cold, noise, light and have storm protection.

QLD Roller shutters Deck and Patio Shutters can

  • Reduce outside noise by up to 70%
  • Add extra privacy to your personal spaces
  • Reduce the heat while maintaining a cool breeze
  • Insulate your house in winter reducing power bills
  • Block out storms & hail
  • Secured with our unique locking system

If you need even more protection, our extruded, powder-coated twin layered aluminium shutters offer the best protection available and up to 5 metres wide.

We have a range of shutters ready to be custom built in our Brisbane workshop by our skilled tradesmen.