Our 55mm High Density (center) & Extruded Slat (left). Industry Standard 40mm Slat (right)

Queensland Roller Shutters have a unique security slat made from a high grade aluminium. Our security shutters are extruded, meaning they are reinforced twin skin slat, making it 6 times stronger. We can make you a shutter system of up to 12 square metres and 5 metres wide.

All of our extruded security shutters are powder coated in the most robust coating available on the market.

Add to that, our unique locking system, our quiet electric motors and stylish electronic wall mounted or key ring remotes, and you have a very attractive, secure and functional system to protect your commercial interest or your home.

Worried about the electric motors in power outage? Well don’t. We can provide motors with a manual override.

We know it can be hard to make the right choice, but our expert consultant will make sure you have the best shutter for your needs and are able to show you photos & samples.

We have a range of Brisbane roller shutters ready to have custom built on site in our Brisbane workshop by our skilled tradesmen.