What Is The Best Roller Door For A Kitchen?

What Is The Best Roller Door For A Kitchen?

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Whilst roller shutters are commonly known for securing business premises such as high-street shops and industrial warehouses, there is a wide range of additional applications. Depending on the design requirements, roller doors can also be installed within commercial and domestic kitchens. This can be useful as a space-saving measure if there is no room to fully open cupboard doors. It also improves safety as the doors do not present a tripping hazard.

For canteens and food kiosks, roller doors present a clear security benefit. At the end of service, closing the roller door secures the kitchen, avoiding costly loss of inventory through theft. In addition to these security benefits, a commercial roller shutter also offers a professional appearance. With a wide range of colour options available, roller doors can be designed to integrate with and enhance the aesthetics of both commercial and residential properties.

Our team has 25 years of experience installing high-quality roller doors in Brisbane. Read more below for some information on the range of applications for roller doors in kitchens, both in commercial and domestic contexts.

Space Saving Design

One of the main challenges in both commercial and domestic kitchens is working out how to make the best use of space. Being able to access storage without causing an obstruction is crucial in a busy professional kitchen. Equally, optimising the space available is a key step in making the most of a kitchen in a house.

This is one of the reasons why roller doors are increasingly popular in both contexts. By opting for a well-designed roller shield, you are not only improving the usability of a kitchen but also ensuring a modern, contemporary aesthetic throughout. This innovative measure is sure to save time and help homeowners and businesses maximise available kitchen space.

Kitchen Roller Doors

Manual Or Electric Control

Modern security roller shutters will almost always be controlled through a motor. This could involve either an electric control panel that is installed with the door or a remote control. Another important feature is the manual override. This helps to ensure that a door can be opened and closed in instances where the electric motor cannot be used.

If you are installing manually controlled roller doors as an alternative to cupboards, the same factors are important. Ensuring that the slats are well-engineered is crucial to ensure efficiency and reduce maintenance in the long term. Additionally, a powder coating on the aluminium sheet curtain will help to avoid rust, maintaining a long-lasting, aesthetic finish.

Compact Design

One key factor when choosing the right security roller shutter is ensuring that the head unit is compact and will not encroach into the available space. This is one of the key benefits of a roller door on commercial premises. It provides a range of security and design benefits on installation without compromising on space or functionality. Concealed fixings also mean that the appearance remains clean and professional when integrating this security feature into your business.

When choosing a shutter door for a kitchen or canteen, it will often be necessary for a bespoke door to be designed to meet those sizing specifications. Choosing to work with a company that has demonstrated relevant design and manufacturing experience will help ensure that the form and function of the roller shutter are optimised at the relevant size specifications.

Kitchen Roller Doors

Choosing An Experienced Contractor

Whether you are installing a rollashield in a commercial or residential property, working with an experienced contractor is crucial. From a security standpoint, it is important that a bespoke design is created if necessary, ensuring that the installation caters to the security needs of a property. It can be useful to look through a company’s gallery to establish whether they can provide the results you are looking for. Additionally, this can be useful in understanding the wide range of contexts where roller shutters can be viably installed to maximise roller shutter door security.

Prioritising Manufacturing Quality

Choosing kitchen roller doors that have been expertly manufactured has a wide range of benefits from the standpoints of security and aesthetics. There is a range of factors that contribute to the design and manufacturing quality. Some of the core factors to look out for include materials used, locking systems, double-skinned metal curtains and compact top drums. Ensuring that the right approach has been taken to reinforcing the metal curtain is crucial, especially when ensuring structural integrity across wider openings.

Initial Steps In Choosing The Right Kitchen Roller Doors

The first step when choosing between the various options available for kitchen roller doors is to book a consultation with a specialist company. Often a site visit is a useful step to establish the individual requirements of a project. Discussing your aims with an experienced contractor is also helpful in choosing the range of customisable options available for your project. In many cases, there are specific innovative features that can help optimise the installation and understanding the full range of options will be crucial in achieving the best outcome.

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