Are Aluminium Shutters Worth It?

Are Aluminium Shutters Worth It?

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Aluminium shutters offer a durable and low-maintenance security option for businesses and residential properties. Security shutters use horizontal metal slats to create a secure sheet of metal that can be raised and lowered using either electronic controls or manual override functions. Many business owners consider roller shutters a necessity to deter thieves and protect inventory. With roller shutters available for a wide range of businesses, from high street stores to food kiosks, there are clear benefits to installing security shutters on your business premises. 

There are a number of key factors to consider when deciding whether roller shutters are a worthwhile investment for your home or business. These include considerations relating to security, weather resistance, energy efficiency and modernisation. To ensure your installation offers the best value, it is important to work with an experienced industry-leading contractor that can provide a bespoke design optimised for your property. Choosing an option with a compact drum, concealed fixings, lightweight aluminium frame and a low-noise motor will help ensure the best result for your home or business.

Read more for some further information on the value of aluminium roller shutters in commercial and residential installations.

Where Can Metal Roller Shutters Be Installed?

Aluminium shutters have a wide range of applications in both commercial and residential contexts. For homeowners, roller shutters can offer a reliable and cost-effective security solution. Other benefits include weather resistance and insulation. With increases in remote working in recent years, the noise reduction offered by the roller shutter is another advantage of this installation. On residential properties, roller shutters are frequently installed on windows, outdoor living spaces and garages. In this context, sleek, compact and lightweight aluminium designs are favoured as a modern, aesthetic option.

For business owners, roller shutters are frequently installed on shop fronts, warehouses, food hatches and a wide range of other contexts. As a key addition to a business’s security system, roller shutters protect the business’s inventory and provide a professional look when a business is closed. When choosing roller shutters for your business, it is important to work with an experienced contractor. Reviewing a company’s gallery on their webpage is a good step to see how their installations could work for your business and will provide a good starting point to see the customisable options that are available.

What Is The Best Material For An Aluminium Roller Shutter?

Most high-quality roller shutters are made from either extruded aluminium or galvanised steel. Typically steel roller shutters will be used in heavy-duty industrial contexts where aesthetics are not so important, whereas extruded aluminium shutters are more frequently used in instances where an aesthetic finish is important. Some designs will include multiple layers of aluminium to strengthen the sheet curtain, with high-density options also available.

There is a range of reasons why aluminium is favoured as a material for roller shutters. The high strength-to-weight ratio means that aluminium roller shutters are typically more compact than shutters that are manufactured using denser metals. Aluminium is also very durable and with a powder coating, will provide a hard-wearing, rust-resistant material. For businesses with an environmental focus, aluminium is also completely recyclable. At QLD Roller Shutters, our installations can be installed with a battery for properties with solar panels.

Key Benefits Of Aluminium Security Shutters

In addition to the security and design benefits, there are a- number of factors that contribute to the long-term value of external aluminium roller shutters. One of the main factors is the long-lasting property of the material. This reduces maintenance costs and reduces the need for frequent repairs. One of the best steps to maximise the value of your installation is to establish a planned maintenance schedule to ensure that any issues that do arise with your installation are resolved quickly and cost-effectively. Cleaning can also be easily carried out to maintain a high-quality finish. A powder coating helps to maintain the aluminium shutters’ exterior finish.

Another key benefit of exterior aluminium shutters is the ease of installation. Modern security shutters can be quickly installed with concealed fixings and compact components to integrate with a building’s exterior. At QLD Roller Shutters, our roller doors integrate double-skin extruded aluminium slats that can be installed to cover openings up to 12 square metres and 5 metres wide. Although shutters using materials such as PVC or timber can be cheaper, the wide range of benefits offered by aluminium means that it is a better long-term investment.

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