Choosing A Shop Front Roller Shutter

Choosing A Shop Front Roller Shutter

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When choosing roller shutters for your shop front, there are a number of key factors to consider. From choosing to add ventilation options, integrating perspex slats or adding a manual override control, there is a wide range of options for customisation. Ensuring that your roller shutter’s design is tailored to the practical security needs of your business premises is crucial in maximising the value of this installation.

With valuable stock kept in a shop outside operating hours, it is crucial that every opportunity is taken to improve security. In addition to meeting these security needs, installing a shop front roller shutter also represents a key investment in a professional and cohesive look for your business premises. Many aspects of high-quality shutters such as concealed fixings, have both practical and aesthetic benefits, contributing to the value of the installation across a range of aspects of a business.

Discussing this installation with an experienced contractor can help with understanding the full range of customisable options for your shop front roller shutter. Read more below for some factors to consider when choosing a shop front roller shutter.

Options For Customisation When Choosing A Security Roller Shutter

The wide range of options available for roller shutters means that it is possible to customise the installation to meet your business’s requirements. One option that can make sense for some shop front roller shutters is the inclusion of perspex slats. In some instances, it is necessary to let natural light into a store when it is closed. The option of including perspex slats integrates a practical solution into your roller shutter door security solution.

Shop front roller shutter with perspex slats

There is also a wide range of colour options to choose from, allowing the installation to closely match the aesthetic of your shopfront. Another factor to consider is venting. If this is necessary for your business, it is often possible for roller shutters to be installed with the option for a vented position. Depending on the access requirements of your business premises, the roller shutter can be controlled either by a remote keyring switch or a control panel installed within the building.

Compact Installation

The compact design of roller shutters means that they can be installed on residential and business premises without compromising on space. A roller shutter can also be installed in a short timeframe minimising disruption to business operations. Alongside the ease of operation, this is a key reason why roller shutters are so widely used as a security measure for high street businesses. 

A key aspect of any compact roller shutter is the amount of headroom available. Choosing an installation with a compact roller drum is crucial to ensure that it is seamlessly integrated into your shop front. This is a key factor that differentiates high-quality roller shutter designs and it is important to clarify this when choosing a roller shutter that suits your business’s needs. A long-lasting powder coating on this top drum will help ensure a clean, aesthetic finish avoiding rust or deterioration.

What Are The Benefits Of Roller Shutters Over Roller Grilles?

One key decision when installing security protection for a shop front is choosing between roller shutters and roller grilles. Grilles provide the option for a shop to gain visibility even outside operating hours. This can be a popular option on busy high streets with significant footfall throughout the evening. However, security shutters provide significantly more security reducing the risk of costly damage to glass windows and providing comprehensive, industry-standard security for stores. 

The Benefits Of Concealed Fixings In A Commercial Roller Shutter

Additional security benefits are provided by concealing fixings in the installation process. In addition to improving the aesthetic of the installation, this avoids the risk of the security shutters being compromised as a result of exposed fixings. Choosing a roller shutter with concealed fixings also removes the risk of sharp edges or bolts causing a hazard. Additionally, this professional finish to your installation provides a deterrent in itself as it is indicative of attention to detail in relation to security throughout your business.

shop front roller shutter

What Is The Best Material For Roller Shutters?

Aluminium roller shutters offer a long-lasting durable option that is ideally suited to exposure to a range of weather conditions. As aluminium is 100% recyclable, it is also a popular choice for organisations committed to sustainable business. Aluminium’s durability also means that it is a weather-resistant option retaining a high-quality finish in the long term. Although steel is used in some roller shutters, the wide-ranging benefits associated with aluminium mean that it is the material of choice for most shop front shutter installations.

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