Do Aluminium Roller Shutters Reduce Heat?

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There is a wide range of benefits available in installing exterior aluminium roller shutters for your business. One of the main benefits is insulation. Whether you need to keep your property cool in the warmer months or retain heat in the cooler months, professionally installed roller shutters can help achieve this. These insulation benefits can lead to long-term savings through improved efficiency, reducing the energy consumption of air conditioning units.

If you are looking to improve the insulation of your property, there is a wide range of contexts in which shutters are frequently installed. On residential properties, shutters can be installed to enhance windows, garages and outdoor living spaces. Metal roller shutters are also frequently installed to provide a range of benefits on shop fronts, warehouses, food kiosks and office spaces. Reducing running costs by providing a cost-effective insulation upgrade, roller shutters also significantly improve security outcomes for businesses.

For some more information on the insulation benefits offered by aluminium shutters, read more below.

How Do Aluminium Roller Shutters Improve Insulation?

Reducing heat by up to 90%, aluminium roller shutters can help maximise the energy efficiency of your property. One of the main reasons for this is that aluminium reflects heat more than many alternative materials. Painting aluminium shutters white will also help maximise these reflective properties, whilst a powder coating will reduce rust on the aluminium shutters’ exterior finish in the long term. Additionally, the high strength-to-weight ratio of aluminium means that the design can be easily integrated into a property, avoiding the need for bulky components. This is one of the main reasons why aluminium is used in manufacturing both roller shutters and external aluminium louvres.

The design of an aluminium roller shutter also offers an insulating layer reducing air leakage, which can reduce energy efficiency in many windows and doorways. With a compact, modern design, this installation can help maintain the temperature within your home. Using a double-skin, extruded aluminium design for the sheet curtain, this design can also provide insulation benefits in the colder months by reducing heat loss. Operated using a control panel installed within your property or remote control, window shutters can be easily closed to keep a property cool during the hottest times of the day.

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Commercial Benefits Of Roller Shutters

Many businesses install roller shutters for security reasons, but the insulation benefits are equally as significant from a commercial standpoint. By helping maintain the temperature of a business when it is closed, roller shutters remove the need to see a spike in energy usage to reduce the temperature when a business is open. In office spaces, installing roller shutters on the windows can dramatically reduce air conditioning costs in warmer weather.

Windows are one of the most common areas of a building that can lead to air leakage, and although double-glazing can help mitigate this considerably, the insulating layer provided by a professionally-installed roller shutter offers significant improvements. Roller shutters can also reduce condensation on business premises when closed by helping maintain a more constant temperature on both sides of the glass. By reducing outside noise by up to 70%, window shutters can offer a key investment in improving a working space.

How Can This Benefit Outdoor Living Spaces?

These insulation benefits can help maximise an outdoor living space year-round. In the summer, this can help keep outdoor living spaces cool whilst also providing vital protection from storms in the summer. For outdoor living spaces, shutters with perspex slats can allow light in, whilst the reflective properties of aluminium can reduce the temperature. This can also improve the security of outdoor living spaces and protect outdoor furniture and decking from sun damage. Although steel roller shutters offer a heavy-duty security option, the designs are often bulkier, making them less suitable for residential properties.

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The main benefit of roller shutters is that they are a dynamic feature and can be adjusted based on varying requirements. In the event of a storm, roller shutters can quickly be closed, removing the need to leave an outdoor living space or move furniture inside. Equally, roller shutters can be left open while a property is occupied and used exclusively as a security feature when the property is empty. To gain the most value from roller shutter installation, it is important that the design is compact, the fixings are concealed, and the materials used offer a long-term, low-maintenance outcome.

What Are The Other Benefits Of Aluminium Roller Shutters?

In addition to improving insulation within a property, aluminium roller shutters can also improve security, dampen outside noise and provide protection from the elements. There is a wide range of design options available, and contacting an expert to help navigate this process will help ensure the best outcome for your home or business. Some of the main design features that can optimise shutters for your property include integrated perspex slats, manual override features and wall-mounted control panels.

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