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There is a wide range of applications for roller shutters in residential contexts. Although most installations will focus on security and aesthetic benefits, there are also a number of other reasons to install roller shutters for your property. Installing exterior aluminium shutters around a veranda or covered outdoor space can provide a number of key benefits. Some of the main benefits are increased security and weather resistance. By implementing roller shutters, you can have confidence that your outdoor furniture will remain in good condition over the long term.

In order to get the most value out of your exterior aluminium shutters, it is important to ensure that high-quality design and materials are used. An aluminium roller shutter provides a high strength-to-weight ratio and provides long-term durability. The lightweight design also reduces the strain on a motor. This is important in residential areas as this can reduce the noise from a motor. If you have solar panels, it is worth exploring options for solar power installation. Many experienced companies will offer innovative options in which roller shutters can be powered by batteries that retain power from solar panels for weeks.

Read more for some further information on the range of benefits of using aluminium roller shutters to extend your outdoor living area.

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Compact Design

One of the main reasons why aluminium roller shutters can be implemented so effectively for covered outdoor living areas is their compact design. This is often a key concern when planning any home improvement project. Whilst there are clear, practical benefits to installing roller shutters, a common reservation might be that shutters will be too bulky. However, modern aluminium roller shutters can be seamlessly integrated into outdoor spaces with concealed fixings and innovative, compact drums.

With a wide range of colour options available, it is possible to choose a design that fits the aesthetic of your property. Installing sleek, modern roller shutters to your patio or deck can help revitalise your outdoor living space while providing confidence that other installations will be secure and protected from the elements. This can be important when installing an outdoor kitchen or choosing outdoor furniture. With exterior aluminium roller shutters, it is no longer necessary to move outdoor furniture into indoor living spaces when not in use to protectif from the elements, freeing up space within your property.

Save Time

Installing metal roller shutters for your outdoor living space can also save time by removing the need to bring outdoor furniture inside between uses. There are a number of different options for easy-to-use controls when installing roller shutters on a residential property. One of the most common options is opting for a sleek, modern control panel, although another popular option is a keyring remote. In the event of a power cut, it is important to have a contingency plan which is why many homeowners opt for systems that include a manual override function.

Improved Security

The increased security offered by roller shutters is a big reason for their popularity in residential properties. Installing roller shutters throughout your property offers a key component of a high-quality security system. Roller shutters have been ubiquitous as a security solution in businesses and are increasingly popular as a security installation for residential properties while offering a wide range of practical and aesthetic benefits.

There are a number of features that help contribute to a secure roller shutter. In terms of installation, concealed fixings significantly contribute to the security of an installation. Other key factors include the materials used and the design of the sheet curtain. At QLD Roller Shutters, our roller doors use an extruded double skin design with high-density options available. These designs provide high-quality structural integrity for shutters up to 12 square metres and 5 metres wide.

How Can Roller Shutters Be Customised?

One of the reasons why external aluminium shutters are so popular is the wide range of customisable options to fit the design needs of an installation. One option that is useful for outdoor living spaces is integrating perspex slats into a shutter. With this design, roller shutters can allow natural light whilst still providing significant security benefits in addition to protection from the elements. In many cases, it can make sense to include perspex slats in only one section of the roller shutter. Additionally, an aluminium shutter’s exterior finish can be maintained through a powder coating.

exterior aluminium shutters

Where Else Can Roller Shutters Provide Benefits?

In addition to outdoor living spaces, there is a wide range of other contexts where roller shutters can provide benefits for residential properties. One popular option is to install roller shutters on the windows of a house. This provides increased security and offers a range of other benefits, from offering increased insulation to contributing a cohesive aesthetic. With perspex slats available to allow in natural light, roller shutters offer a significant home improvement investment. Choosing a compact, sleek design is important in this context as it means the shutters can be easily integrated into the exterior of your property.

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