How Do Security Roller Shutters Work?

How Do Security Roller Shutters Work?

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Roller shutters provide a number of crucial security benefits to businesses. Providing a clear deterrent to reduce the risk of break-ins, roller shutters also reduce the risk of vandalism to business premises. As a common security feature in both residential and commercial properties, roller shutters provide a key component of a business premise’s security system. Other benefits include a professional finish, improved insulation and protection from the elements.

Security roller shutters can be operated either from a control panel installed within the property or a keyring remote. The installation encompasses a shutter curtain designed with slats that retract into a small drum above the door or window when open. This is typically held in place by two guide rails allowing the commercial roller shutter to smoothly open and close. In addition to electronic controls, a manual override can be implemented as a failsafe if a power outage occurs.

Commercial Security Roller Shutters

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How Are Security Roller Shutters Operated?

In addition to wide-ranging security benefits, professionally installed roller shutters offer user-friendly functionality. Whilst many roller shutters can be operated from a control installed within a building, using a remote keyring switch is also a popular option. Choosing a roller shutter with a manual override function is crucial in the event of a power outage. Some roller shield installations include the option for the shutter to be set to a vented position whilst still maintaining privacy.

One consideration that is often overlooked is the noise of the motor. Selecting a low-noise roller shutter is an important investment, especially in a residential area. A low-noise roller shutter is also a good indication that your roller installation is energy-efficient with a well-designed shutter curtain. This is a key factor in areas where noise pollution has to be kept to a minimum and is crucial for many business owners with premises near residential areas.

What Is The Best Material Used For Roller Shutters?

The majority of roller shutter are made with either steel or aluminium. Depending on a business’s security requirements, both offer a range of benefits. Aluminium’s strength-to-weight ratio has contributed to its widespread application in various installations. Steps can then be taken in the design process to further strengthen the material maximising the security benefits. One of these steps involves extruding the aluminium slats to strengthen the structure.

Choosing a roller shutter with a lightweight material such as aluminium offers a range of benefits in the long term. Lightweight, durable components reduce energy usage whilst the shutters are opening and closing, in addition to keeping maintenance costs at a minimum. Additionally, aluminium is completely recyclable, making it a sustainable choice for your roller shutter installation. The manufacturing process for many high-quality roller shutters includes the addition of a powder coating to roller shutters in order to reduce rust and ensure that deterioration is minimised in the long term.

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Additional Benefits

In addition to providing security improvements, roller shutters offer a host of other benefits. Roller shutters provide insulation, helping to ensure your house stays cool throughout the summer. This can help reduce energy consumption to keep a house cool. One popular option in residential installations is choosing roller shutters with perspex slats, providing security and improving insulation whilst allowing natural light into their property. 

For residential properties in busy areas, roller shutters also provide noise reduction. With remote work becoming increasingly popular, being able to focus without distractions in a home office is crucial. Roller shutters can work alongside other measures, such as double-glazed windows, to keep outside noise to a minimum. The wide-ranging benefits offered by security shutters can help add value to a property, making this a cost-effective home improvement step for homeowners planning to sell.

Finding The Right Roller Shutter For Your Business

Whether you require security roller shutters for a commercial or residential property, it is crucial to work with a company with experience designing and installing shutters for similar projects. With benefits ranging from increased security to reduced energy costs, it is important to ensure that the installation is ideally suited to your property’s requirements. There is a wide range of options available whether you require a shop front option or roller shutters for a residential property. Discussing the roller shutter door security options with experienced contractors can help clarify the range of options available, the benefits of each choice and the budget requirements for the installation.

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