What Are The Benefits of Roller Shutters?

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Roller Shutters are becoming increasingly popular due to the many benefits they provide. From reducing outside noise to security and protection, you can safeguard your home and your family with our roller shutters without compromising the aesthetic of your house. Some benefits of roller shades are:

Noise Reduction

Sometimes, outside noise in your property is beyond your control. Are you situated near a highway or close to a trainline? Perhaps you are within close proximity to your neighbours? One of the great benefits of roller shades on your windows is outside noise reduction. Installing roller shutters on your windows can help to reduce outside noise such as highway traffic, trains and planes by up to 70%. If you are looking for a non-invasive solution to reduce outside noise, roller shades may be a solution for you.


No one wants the prying eyes of neighbours or passers by looking into their home. Roller shades are an excellent source of privacy to your personal space. Providing a complete block out from the world outside, roller shades are often installed as a privacy measure for many people. With the added benefit of complete block out, you will never have the sun peeking through the blinds waking you up early again! Queensland Roller Shutters also offer perspex sections of shutters, allowing you to let in a bit of light if required, while still maintaining security, noise reduction, and other benefits roller shades provide. 

Roller Shutters

Energy Efficiency

With the cost of electricity increasing, you may be looking to alternative solutions to reduce your power bills. Did you know that roller shades can help to insulate your home? Keeping the warmth inside in winter and blocking the heat out during summer, roller shutters can make a considerable difference to your power bill all year round. 

Weather Protection

The last few years have proven that Australian weather can be brutal and unpredictable. You can protect your property against damage caused by storms by installing our extremely durable roller shades. Our extruded powder coated twin layered aluminium shutters offer the best protection available against the elements.


Protect your property against intruders with highly secure roller shutters and doors. Queensland Roller Shutters manufacture extruded shutters from a high grade powder coated aluminium reinforced with twin skin slats, making them up to 6 times stronger. Combined with a unique locking system with manual override in the event of a power outage, your property will be secured with roller shutter installation. 

If you are considering roller shutters for your property, get in contact with Queensland Roller Shutters today. Our expert consultants can help you to find the best custom shutters to meet your needs, and even give you the opportunity to view photos and material samples. To reap the benefits of roller shutters, get a quote from us now. 

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