What Is The Difference Between External Aluminium Louvres And Shutters?

What Is The Difference Between External Aluminium Louvres And Shutters?

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Metal shutters and external aluminium louvres are both popular installations in a wide range of contexts. The key difference between shutters and louvres is that shutters can be adjusted, whereas louvres are typically fixed in place. This is why shutters can often provide a better option. When closed, shutters offer many of the same benefits as louvres: improved security, privacy and protection from the elements. However, shutters offer greater versatility as they can be completely opened and closed as required.

Despite this overlap in some of the main benefits of shutters and louvres, they are often installed in properties with widely differing requirements. An aluminium roller shutter is typically installed where there is a more dynamic requirement. For example, in an outdoor living space, shutters can be opened to enjoy the space and closed to secure the living area when it is not in use. Shutters can also integrate some of the main design features of louvres. Perspex slats integrated within shutters can allow natural light and ventilation for a property when shutters are closed, similarly to louvres.

For more information on some key differences between shutters and louvres, read more below.

Choosing Between Exterior Aluminium Shutters And External Aluminium Louvres

Shutters and external aluminium louvres are typically installed in properties with substantially different security and design requirements. Louvres can be installed to allow in some natural light and ventilate a building whilst enhancing security. Using angled slats, louvres block direct sunlight and rain and can be installed in a wide range of domestic and commercial contexts. Some louvres provide options to change the angle of the slats, whilst others include the option to open and close louvres similarly to windows.

External aluminium louvres are often used in commercial installations as part of a ventilation system. As with roller shutters, aluminium is a popular material for louvres due to its high strength-to-weight ratio and durability. Powder coating on the aluminium shutters’ exterior finish ensures it retains its quality. Whereas louvres are often installed with a ventilation focus, metal roller shutters are often installed with a security focus. Other benefits of roller shutters include insulation, noise reduction and weather resistance. Roller shutters will also typically be installed in settings with changing security requirements, such as shop fronts or food kiosks where the aluminium roller shutters will only be closed outside of business hours. Despite the differences in design, roller shutters can also integrate various features to provide improved ventilation.

Shutters Using Perspex Slats

For many buildings, the ventilation and natural light features of louvres are beneficial, but the fixed installation is too restrictive. In this case, the best option can be roller shutters with integrated perspex slats. Another option is to leave roller shutters partially open to allow ventilation and natural light whilst maintaining privacy and insulation. The versatility of roller shutters means that they can provide a range of different benefits throughout the year.

In warmer months, one of the primary benefits of roller shutters is ensuring that properties remain cool. Equally important are the security benefits provided. Whereas louvres do offer some security benefits, the design focus of roller shutters means that they are optimised to offer the best security outcomes. From extruded double-skin aluminium slats to specialised locking mechanisms, installing roller shutters offers significant security benefits for homeowners and businesses.

external aluminium louvres and shutters

What Are The Main Design Features Of Roller Shutters?

Typically installed above a window or entrance, aluminium shutters consist of a metal sheet curtain which can provide a range of benefits when closed. Depending on the requirements of a business, these can vary from security to improved insulation and protection from the elements. Roller shutters use a compact drum to open and close the sheet curtain, which will typically be operated using an electric motor. Manual override functions provide the option to operate the shutter when electric power is not available.

A track on either side of the shutter guides the metal sheet curtain. Roller shutters can be designed to meet a wide range of sizing requirements, with QLD’s shutters available up to sizes of 5 square metres in area and 12 metres wide. The design versatility and wide-ranging benefits of roller shutters contribute to why they are favoured by such a wide range of businesses. Aluminium is typically used as a material to manufacture roller shutters due to its high strength-to-weight ratio helping to ensure that designs remain compact whilst still offering industry-standard structural integrity.

Are Louvres Or Roller Shutters Better For Homes?

In most cases, window shutters provide a more versatile option than louvres for homeowners. In the heat of the day, roller shutters can be closed to ensure a property remains cool. When they are not required, roller shutters can be left open and will be well-integrated into the exterior of a property. When a home is not occupied for an extended period, steel roller shutters also offer better-quality security protection. With secure locking mechanisms and double-skin extruded aluminium slats, our rollers at QLD Roller Shutters offer a long-lasting, industry-standard security upgrade for business premises and residential properties.

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