Get a roller shutters quote for your deck or verandah.

Most roller shutter suppliers hesitate to provide a quote without inspecting the site, especially when it involves custom roller shutters. Fortunately, there are two primary methods to obtain a roller shutters quote: through an online quote or by scheduling a free measure and quote onsite. In South East Queensland, Queensland Roller Shutters is a trusted manufacturer that offers both options to cater to your specific needs and preferences. Let’s explore these methods in detail to help you get the accurate quote you need.

Getting a Roller Shutters Quote Online:

You can provide specific details to obtain an indicative quote when opting for an online quote. These details typically include the following:

  • Measurements: Provide accurate measurements of the windows or doors where you intend to install the roller shutters. This includes the width and height of each opening.
  • Photos: Attach clear images of the windows or doors to help the supplier assess the site accurately. This allows them to understand the installation requirements and provide a more precise quote.
  • Site Description and Suburb Location: Provide a brief description of the site, such as the type of property (residential or commercial) and any specific challenges or requirements. Additionally, mention the suburb location for logistical purposes.
  • Quantity of Windows or Doors: Specify the number of windows or doors you need roller shutters for. Some suppliers may offer discounts for larger orders, including multiple doors and windows.
  • Timeline: Mention your desired timeline for the installation. If you have any specific deadlines or time constraints, it’s important to communicate them to the supplier.
  • Payment Plans: Inquire about any available payment plans or financing options the supplier offers. This can help you plan your budget accordingly.

Getting a Free Measure and Quote for Roller Shutters Onsite:

Many roller shutter manufacturers prefer conducting an onsite visit to provide an accurate estimate for your roller shutter investment. This option lets them assess the site firsthand and consider various factors affecting the installation. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Free Service: Most manufacturers offer a free measure and quote on-site, demonstrating their commitment to customer satisfaction. They understand the importance of accurately assessing the site and tailoring the quote to your needs.
  • Colour and Sample Selection: During the onsite visit, you can explore different colour samples and examine the roller shutter slats and perspex slat options for outdoor decks. This lets you visualise how the roller shutters will look and choose the best choice for your property.
Onsite Roller Shutters Quote Includes Colour Selection
Onsite Roller Shutters Quote Includes Colour Selection
  • Remote Control Options: If you are interested in remote control options for operating your roller shutters, the onsite visit allows you to discuss and understand the available choices.

In South East Queensland, Queensland Roller Shutters is a trusted manufacturer specialising in roller shutters. We are happy to accommodate your needs by providing an online quote or scheduling a free measure and quote onsite.
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